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The Guacalillo Estuary

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Per person

8 Hours approximately.

Transportation, bilingual guide (english | spanish), boat ride and lunch.

This tour requires a minimum of two people to operate.

Bring swimsuit, sunblock, insect repellent, camera, binoculars and light clothing.

The Guacalillo Estuary ad the Tárcoles River offer the unique possibility to witness one of the largest crocodile colonies in the world, the richest mangrove forest and the most biologically diverse area of the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica. This tropical paradise is also home and the most important nesting site for the scarlet macaw.

The scarlet macaw is an easily recognizable character in the scenery while it flies on top of your boat or screams from the top of the trees along the estuary. The tour will take you along the mangrove, where you will see an amazing eco-system containing the four different varieties of mangrove. The estuary plays a very important role as a nesting site for many bird species as well as a nurturing point for fish and invertebrate animals.

As the boat approaches the river bank, crocodiles of up to 17 feet long will be seen in their natural habitat. These animals were common among the mangrove and Caribbean coastline, however, during the past decades, hunters severely damaged their population. Thanks to the effort of conservationism programs, the population of this species has been growing and numbers from 50 to 150 individuals per kilometer of the river are visible these days. The mangrove is also home sever to over 250 species of birds like the kingfishers, roseate spoonbills, great herons, anhingas, night herons and many others.